Controlled burn on Signal Hill


Under ideal conditions, Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) prescribe some burns in some sections of the park. The burns are done for a number of reasons, to rejuvenate the fire-adapted and fire-dependent vegetation (fynbos) and to reduce fire hazards by reducing unnecessary “fuel” (e.g. alien vegetation that has been hacked from a particular area. Alien […]

A day on Table Mountain

Capetonians have always said there’s something mystical about Table Mountain, but unless you’ve lived in it’s shadow, you’ll never truly understand this sentiment. I recently took my daughter up on a sunny day. We went via the cable car – It was opened in 1929 and since then it has carried more than 20 million […]

Nouvelle Vague playing at the Cape Town Jazz Festival

I’ve been following Nouvelle Vague ever since a close friend introduced me to the ‘bossa nova’ sounds of Marc Collin and his various vocalists. The band are famous for remaking classic singles like Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and XTC’s “Making Plans for Nigel” with vocalists who are unfamiliar with the original versions of […]